Occupied Estate Services
Occupied Estate Services

We serve as a single point of contact for coordinating, managing and overseeing any maintenance, home improvement or estate-related requests.

Our services included in a monthly retainer:

  • Have KAJO as the first point of contact for any maintenance/misc estate related needs customer has.  KAJO will coordinate with services providers (selected and agreed upon by Customer and KAJO)
  • Verify housekeeping completed when scheduled. 
  • Verify grass cutting completed when scheduled. 
  • Verify pool/spa water level is correct & cleaned when scheduled.  Check chemical levels.
  • Verify pond/lake management completed when scheduled.
  • Verify driveway/sidewalks plowed and salted as needed.
  • Verify elevator maintenance completed as scheduled.
  • Verify house generator maintenance completed as scheduled.
  • Monthly changing of HVAC filters.
  • Empty humidifier reservoirs and check filters (if applicable).
  • Monthly testing of smoke/CO2 detectors.
  • Depending on season, coordinate and verify startup/shut down of seasonal items (irrigation system, pool, HVAC tune ups, etc).
  • Inspect property after any major storm and power outages.
  • Check in with customer on weekly basis (face to face or via phone) to make sure their needs are taken care of.
  • Monthly sit down to go over any outside vendor invoices in question to approve owner to pay or have KAJO follow up on.


Frequency of services to be determined by customer as well any additional items not listed but agreed upon.

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